Monday, December 28, 2009

FIVE for $25.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE who participated! This special offer has now ENDED!!!!

As the new year is upon us, I would like to say Thank You to all of my fantastic customers who have made 2009 year such a success!

I have enjoyed all the friends I have met through ETSY and look forward to meeting many more in the year 2010! If not for you I would not be here!

NEW YEAR SPECIAL: starts now (12/28/09) and will end on 1.2.2010!

FIVE for $25.00!
What does this mean?

This means that I am offering to those who read this special promotion (any*) five headbands in my shop for only $25.00.

*Headbands that qualify are the ones priced at $8.99 and under!

Simply shop at my ETSYstore Bella's Bowtique and choose your FIVE headbands!

During check out make sure you put in the "notes to seller" section:
and I will promptly refund you for your discount!!!

That's IT! Easy and a great way for you to stock up on her accessories for the new year!

*Shipping does not qualify for discount, nor special orders, previous orders, or future orders!
Special ends 1/2/2010!!


Come see what's new........

Boutique Pink and Black Flower Headband

Saturday, December 26, 2009



Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I got for Christmas.....

Daddy and I decided we would open each others gifts last night.

I swear I think this was a gift "for him"........

this is what I got.

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

I didn't even know what it was when I opened it. HA! It's alright, but I really wanted the cell phone I've been talking about for months now. Do men just not listen? Seriously! We have a perfectly fine video camera that is only a year old.

Was I on the naughty list?



Hubby I still love you...maybe you can make it up to me on Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet Jessica at Sierra Studios

I some how came across this photographers work. I am not sure if it was over a blog, or ETSY as I am ALWAYS searching the web...however I sent Jessica over at Sierra Studios Photography
an email about getting a headband for my newest collect in 2010 photographed by her!

I was thrilled when she said YES!

Not only did she send me beautiful photographs but she got them to me in record timing.

I am so happy and excited to share these photos on my blog and ETSY site, and you can betcha I will be sending Jessica more goodies!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet Tandi Keen......

sent me these beautiful photographs of this little newborn.

If you are in the Stering, CO area check her out! I wish she was close to me!

These headbands (or at least similar ones) are all available for purchase in my ETSY shop.
Tandi was able to snag some OOAK (One Of A Kind) pieces that won't ever be recreated!

I love working with photographers for the perfect portrait prop!

Thank you Tandi for the early Christmas present!!! :)


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet Little Things Photography

MORE professional photos to share with you all.

Man, I feel so lucky lately running into all these fabulous photographers!

Check out these newest goodies from Jessica at Sweet Little Things Photography!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My newest professional photographer goodies!

You already most favorite thing is when I receive professional photographs of my items on little princesses!

Our family's photographer Tami @ Butterfly Kiss Photography sent me these beauties to use in my ETSY shop - so of course I have to blog about it too!

Love, LOVE, Love

I have to tell you seeing these makes me want another baby!!!! Shhhh, don't tell Tom - he will freak!

and check out these flower hair pretties......

Thank you Tami for sharing with me!!!

I can't wait for our family's next session with you!!!!!!



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm a Winner!!!!

So I must tell you before I start my post. I never "win" anything. I think my life has been blessed with a wonderful family. I have the perfect husband and two very special little girls.
As far as "contests" go. I never win. Basically I don't even enter them because I know I'll never win.

Well a week ago I came upon a cool little contest to win some adorable doggie Christmas cards.

Kaleigh my 7 year old is a complete and total dog lover!!! She loves animals period - however dogs are her most favorite.

So I entered the contest and guess what........I won!!!!!!!!

My cards came in the mail today and they are so adorable. Even cuter in person.
Kaleigh is going to freak when she gets home from school.
She asked me if I could save one for her when they came so she could give one to her teacher.

So I must tell you - to go check out

Underhill House Handcrafts and Art

Here are some of the delightful things you will find (and some of my other favorites):

Thank you Kendra for the awesome giveaway!!!!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Presentation is Everything!!!!!

I have always thought that presentation is everything!!!

When I get items in the mail that I have ordered online, it really does say a lot when the item I have ordered is wrapped in tissue paper, tied off with a ribbon, and a little note card is inside thanking me for my purchase.

I have gotten those few items that are just stuffed inside an envelope and shipped off. How sad and boring.

Well - check out how our family portraits arrived. I just had to share how adorable Tami w/ Butterfly Kiss Photography's presentation is!!

(and inside.......)

Just too cute!!! Little tags - with some of our portraits printed on them!!!!

These are going into the girls baby books!! They are just too cute!

Here is one of our pictures on the wall from Butterfly Kiss Photography!

You'll have to wait to see our family portrait, as right now there is some Christmas decor in it's spot!!!! I can't wait to put it up in it's permanent home - it's on the wall by our front door but that's only temporarily!

I am having fun decorating with all our pictures!!!!

(Pssttt, I hear Tami has some pictures for me of some new bundles in some headbands I made).
Mmmm, I can't WAIT to show you all those too!!! I'm going to be taking this blog to a new level. It's been ignored too long!!!!
You can sneak peak at Tami's blog here.

Oh and do you like my new template?!?! Told yah I'm going to start doing this whole "blog" thing!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Giveaway?!? YUP!!!!!

This time...bigger than before!!!!

I have put together a "surprise gift package" worth $40.00 of goodies from my ETSY shop!!!

You have a chance to win - but you must go to this blog for details on how to enter:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My DIY Ornament Wreath

So as most of you who know me...know I am not the creative type.
Seriously! I'm not! Okay except for when it comes to hair pretties for little girls.
If it is a flower or a bow - I'm good. Anything else. Foooorgetaboutit!

Well, I saw this adorable little wreath over at my friend Karla's blog
and had to give it a woah!

You must follow her instructions and make sure you do THREE major things!
*Glue the tops to the ornaments before you begin.
*Use the thinnest wire coat hanger you can find.
*Make sure you have LOTS of ornaments if you want a full - large wreath.

Here is how ours turned out!!!

NO LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Karla is totally Mrs. Martha, I'm only a wannabe!

Now go try it yourself! And have fun!


Sunday, November 29, 2009


I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!

We unfortunately were stuck at home all sick with the stomach flu. We missed out on Grandma's Thanksgiving day feast. However she was kind enough to put together a whole meal and sent it over to our house!!!
Kaleigh was the first to get sick..on Thanksgiving eve. Then exactly 12 hours later in the middle of the night the baby and I both at the same time woke up miserably sick.
I have not had much time to do anything online while trying to take care of two kids while being sick myself. My energy is just now starting to resume back to a level where I can get some things accomplished!

I did want to post these pictures of our family..taken by Butterfly Kiss Photography!

I hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Blessings to all - wishing you a happy and HEALTHY Christmas!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


So tonight I had an unusually slow day on ETSY. Well, it doesn't surprise today was Thanksgiving...and most people were busy in the kitchen - and spending time with family and friends.

In the mist of taking care of a sick little girl today, and not being able to spend Thanksgiving with my parents...I had gotten pretty sad.

Well...that all changed after I opened my email tonight.

There was a message from a fellow ETSYian - and she let me know she had featured my shop in her blog!


Not only was I featured, she did a lovely write up and posted some of my favorite items!

Let's just say - she truly made my very lonely Thanksgiving - EXCITING!

Who is this person you ask? COLORADA

Check out her fantastic shop by clicking any of the pictures above or below!

She makes everything in her home workshop with the help of friends and family who keep her sane and remind me to make dinner. (Hmmm that sounds all to familiar)!!!

Thank you for the feature colorada! May God bless you - and Merry Christmas!

Kristie - Bella's Bowtique

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet Toki ......

Isn't it amazing the connections you can make these days with all the fun things like Facebook, Myspace, Blogs, Twitter!!!!
So, my Aunt Tami - who lives in California recently had her first baby GIRL....needless to say she needed some Bella's Bowtique for her new little princess!!! Well (kinda) long story short, I ended up meeting another super fantastic photographer, who just happens to be my Aunt Tami's friend!!!
Toki is her name, and Toki Lee Photography is her wonderful little business!!!

Here is a picture she took of my three little cousins...and of course the baby is wearing her Bella's Bowtique Christmas Headband!!! :)

I have a care package on it's way to Toki right now and can't WAIT to see what awesome photos she takes with her new accessories!!!!

You can visit Toki's website by clicking here
and her blog by clicking here

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh how I heart this photographer!!!!

Let me tell you how much I love this photographer!!!!!!!! I saw her work, and was just mesmerized!!! That was back in June of this year. Ever since then I have just been in awe of all of her work! It's literally breath-taking!!!!

Check out these pictures that Marissa of Marissa Vargason Photography sent me tonight of one of my headbands. Oh my word! Just beautiful!!!!!

Marissa! I want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! You seriously have such talent, it amazes me!!!!!!!! And to top it all off...this baby is just preciousness!

Make sure you visit Marissa's website by clicking HERE.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The lucky winner by random number selection and so happened to also be the one with the most entries too........


Thank you everyone for entering!

Oh how I love babies!

Most of you who know me, know how much I love babies!!!!!!
I just can't get enough of them, right? I was going about my normal ETSY shop duties when I spotted the most BEAUTIFUL customer appreciation photo attached to some lovely feedback!
My customer ( who is an AMAZING photographer ) posted a darling picture of a baby in one of the headbands she had purchased from me!

I was in heaven!!! I had to contact her right away to see if I could use the picture in my shop. It was simply adorable!

Not only did she say YES -she also sent me a few more snap shots and is going to send me more pictures when she gets the other headbands photographed. I cannot begin to tell you how much she made my day!

Who is this person you ask?! Her name is Tandi Keen! Check out her website by clicking here.
I spent a long time looking over her wonderful photos! Not only does she do amazing work, but her style is something that is right up my alley! I love it!
Now I just wish I lived in Colorado. Or actually that Tandi lived in Seattle!

I have always had an appreciation for photography, and Tandi is simply an amazing photographer!!!

Can you not see why I was thrilled?!?!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

GIVEAWAY from Bella's Bowtique!

Yay! I am excited to host my very own giveaway!!!!

This giveaway is for this adorable pure white spider daisy flower headband with pearl accented center! This headband will fit babies and toddler girls stretching all the way to fit adults!

One of my most popular designs!

Okay so here are the ways to enter this fun giveaway!

#1 - Visit Bella's Bowtique by clicking HERE - and tell me what your FAVORITE item is by posting a comment below!

It's that easy!!!!!


(DOUBLE) Bonus Entry #1 - POST this giveaway on YOUR blog! Enter a separate post below with a link to your blog showing the giveaway post! (This is good for TWO extra entries)!!!!

Bonus Entry #2 - Follow me on FACEBOOK - and enter a separate post below with your Facebook user name!

Bonus Entry #3 - Become a follower of my blog - and enter a separate post below with your user/blog name!

(DOUBLE) Bonus Entry #4 - TWEET about this giveaway with a link on your Twitter page. Post a link in a separate post below!!! (This is good for TWO extra entries)!!!!!

Each post/entry will be hand entered into a spreadsheet. A random number generator will be used to select a winner!
Open to US and Canadian residences!
Giveaway ends 10/29/09 at 9pm EST!
Winner will be announced here so check back to see if it's YOU!!!!!
Good luck!


That's right! There is still time for all you last minute shoppers to order from Bella's Bowtique
and get your order in time for HALLOWEEN!

Tutu's and Fairy Wings are all ready to ship and will be sent via Priority Mail!

If you are wanting a headband or beanie for Halloween send me a message and we will have it shipped Priority Mail for you!!!

Cut off date is Oct 27th, for Priority Mail shipments! After that we can ship overnight!

Don't miss out - on our monthly special's either!


Love always,
Kristie (Bella's Bowtique)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


It's been almost a year since my last giveaway and I figured it's time for another one!!! YAY!!!

This time my giveaway is being hosted on my friend Karla's blog!!! I am giving away any product on my website up to an $8.99 value!!!! Almost all my headbands are $8.99 and under, so there is much to choose from!!

Would you like to enter to win?? It's SO EASY!! Check out Karla's blog linked below for details, and also while your here don't forget to "follow" my blog too!!!!

You can also become a fan on FACEBOOK!

For info on my give away click here!

- Love always,
KRISTIE - Bella's Bowtique

Friday, October 2, 2009

Returning the kindness.....

This morning I received a sweet email from another ETSY seller. She had featured my Trick or Treat Pumpkin Orange Tutu in her fall favorite finds on her blog!!!! Not only does she have an adorable blog but an adorable ETSY shop too!!!!

Check out ItsMelC's shop for unique, custom invitations, announcements, business cards and stationary for weddings, babies, showers, birthdays and more!

This was one of my favorite designs she has to offer! Click the picture to the left to check out her adorable custom made designs!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My DAD is on ETSY!!!!

That's right!!! I have given my ETSY fever to my dad!!! He is a photographer, and I am so happy to have him on board with his own shop!!!! Check out his AMAZING photographs from all over the Puget Sound / Seattle area (and beyond)!!!!
Click the banner below to visit his shop! There is a wide variety of awesome photos (with more being added daily):
Meerkat Family from the Point Definance Zoo, An amazing Mama Bird in Flight feeding her Baby Birdie, the ever so adorable Gold Finch bird, butterfly, foxglove, and his MULTIPLE AWARD winning "Sunrise on Mount Rainier" photo!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


...and of course I missed it!!!! I always check the front page - hoping that one of my items would be featured. I however missed my first ever front page debut! It happened on Sept 7th 2009, at 6:00am EST - which means I was probably fast asleep in my bed!!!! Luckily there is a very cool website out there that keeps front page results in a "vault". I check about once a week to see if any of my items had a honorable mention on the front page! I could not believe my eyes when I saw I actually had been featured!!! Woot woot!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How can you RESIST.........?

How can you resist a precious baby, and a fantastic photographer? Oh and yea maybe add a few props like a beautiful basket with a yummy ubber soft looking chocolate brown blanket and pink hair bow, and BAM!
Tonight when Melinda Ann sent me these pictures my heart just melted!!! I have once again met another fantastic photographer who is trading me props for photos to use on my ETSY site!!
Melinda does beautiful work, and even has a "little peanut" of her own, who I get to have some pictures of soon too!!
I love the fact that Melinda was right on getting me pictures! I have recently had bad luck with getting anyone to follow through once I sent props out. I told Melinda she is "A TOTAL KEEPER"!!!!!! Eeeekkk - so exciting I tell you.

This little baby in these photos is baby Ella! Isn't she a doll?!? When I opened up the pictures tonight, my husband Tom was standing behind me, and we both, just "ooo'd and awww'd"!
I told him I want another baby! LOL. Oh yeah and if I have another baby, I want to fly to Melinda to have her photograph him/or her!

Check out Melinda Ann's website here~!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beanie! most favorite thing is when I sit down to my computer, and receive a beautiful picture of my products on my customer's little ones! It's the best feeling, and just makes me smile!!! I feel so proud - and happy that my customer's love my products enough to take the time to send me a photo!

Today I open my ETSY account to find this AMAZING appreciation photo left by my customer Nicole! She is a very talented photographer, as you can see!!! The model is just beautiful too!!!! A stunning photo all around!

I just had to share this photo on my blog. This beanie has been by far, the most popular style in my summer collection, and I'm just loving all the beautiful photos and ways people dress this beanie up!

You can visit Nicole's website here:

Thanks Nicole, I can't wait to work with you on some photos for my Fall collection - you have a wonderful talent!!!