Sunday, December 13, 2009

Presentation is Everything!!!!!

I have always thought that presentation is everything!!!

When I get items in the mail that I have ordered online, it really does say a lot when the item I have ordered is wrapped in tissue paper, tied off with a ribbon, and a little note card is inside thanking me for my purchase.

I have gotten those few items that are just stuffed inside an envelope and shipped off. How sad and boring.

Well - check out how our family portraits arrived. I just had to share how adorable Tami w/ Butterfly Kiss Photography's presentation is!!

(and inside.......)

Just too cute!!! Little tags - with some of our portraits printed on them!!!!

These are going into the girls baby books!! They are just too cute!

Here is one of our pictures on the wall from Butterfly Kiss Photography!

You'll have to wait to see our family portrait, as right now there is some Christmas decor in it's spot!!!! I can't wait to put it up in it's permanent home - it's on the wall by our front door but that's only temporarily!

I am having fun decorating with all our pictures!!!!

(Pssttt, I hear Tami has some pictures for me of some new bundles in some headbands I made).
Mmmm, I can't WAIT to show you all those too!!! I'm going to be taking this blog to a new level. It's been ignored too long!!!!
You can sneak peak at Tami's blog here.

Oh and do you like my new template?!?! Told yah I'm going to start doing this whole "blog" thing!



  1. very pretty ;) I try to at least wrap my etsy orders in tissue paper ;)
    I love your background.
    Don't be sad it's Christmas

  2. Adorable! I wrap up my Etsy items in bright tissue paper too, and I always include a hand written note. That's what I like to recieve, so that's what I send :)