Monday, October 4, 2010

Photos w/ Kamieo Photography

Boy do I have it pretty good.

Nothing better than being in the business of selling headbands...having an online store...and becoming really good friends w/ a professional photographer.

My online store looks amazing AND I have numerous pictures of my little girls growing up! I am one lucky girl that is for sure!!!

Here are some product photos Kamieo Photography did for me. (LOOOOVE) them!!!

Thanks Kamieo you ARE the BEST! of my newest favorites...........

Kamieo also had Isabella model some beautiful pieces from another ETSY shop:

Amelie Jo

I just recently made my first purchase from Amelie Jo too!!! I can't wait to get THIS dress I ordered:
Vintage Ruffle Tank Dress Bluebird of Happiness!!!

Here are the newest pieces Isabella modeled for Amelie Jo: