Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andrea Hallett Photography

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was tonight to open my ETSY email!!! I got a very sweet message from a customer who loved her beanies she ordered from me. Then, attached to this email was a beautiful, and I mean beautifully STUNNING photo of my beanie on this precious and oh so gorgeous little girl! Andrea is an AMAZING photographer, and super sweet! She is ever so graciously allowing me to use these photos on my ETSY site. I was so excited, I had to list this beanie again, and feature it on my front page!!! I also visited Andrea's website Andrea Hallet Photography and just browsed through her work! Boy do I ever wish she lived in Washington, as I would love to have her take our family portraits. Not only is she super sweet, her work is outstanding!
I am sending Andrea more products in trade for photos to use on my site!! I am so excited to have met such a fantastic and generous photographer! God Bless You!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I was featured in ETSY's Gift Guides!

As I approach my 400th sale on ETSY - I just discovered I was featured in this months GIFT GUIDE! A gift guide is a group of hand selected items by ETSY to be featured in a spot light selection of their site called: Gift Guide!
This months theme is "Shades of Ruby"!

My item featured was:

Candy Pink Mixed With A Little Ruby Red UPSCALE Chic LACE Floral Headband - For TODDLERS AND BIG GIRLS

Yay so exciting - because in the ETSY world, it seems like us "hair bow, baby boutique" crafts are at the bottom of the barrel. I hardly see any of us get any recognition. Instead it's the freaks with girl moustages - or hippies braiding their arm pit hairs on the front page!
Woot Woot - and thanks ETSY for whatever made you decide to feature my item! It's very much appreciated!