Sunday, July 5, 2009

I was featured in ETSY's Gift Guides!

As I approach my 400th sale on ETSY - I just discovered I was featured in this months GIFT GUIDE! A gift guide is a group of hand selected items by ETSY to be featured in a spot light selection of their site called: Gift Guide!
This months theme is "Shades of Ruby"!

My item featured was:

Candy Pink Mixed With A Little Ruby Red UPSCALE Chic LACE Floral Headband - For TODDLERS AND BIG GIRLS

Yay so exciting - because in the ETSY world, it seems like us "hair bow, baby boutique" crafts are at the bottom of the barrel. I hardly see any of us get any recognition. Instead it's the freaks with girl moustages - or hippies braiding their arm pit hairs on the front page!
Woot Woot - and thanks ETSY for whatever made you decide to feature my item! It's very much appreciated!

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