Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm a Winner!!!!

So I must tell you before I start my post. I never "win" anything. I think my life has been blessed with a wonderful family. I have the perfect husband and two very special little girls.
As far as "contests" go. I never win. Basically I don't even enter them because I know I'll never win.

Well a week ago I came upon a cool little contest to win some adorable doggie Christmas cards.

Kaleigh my 7 year old is a complete and total dog lover!!! She loves animals period - however dogs are her most favorite.

So I entered the contest and guess what........I won!!!!!!!!

My cards came in the mail today and they are so adorable. Even cuter in person.
Kaleigh is going to freak when she gets home from school.
She asked me if I could save one for her when they came so she could give one to her teacher.

So I must tell you - to go check out

Underhill House Handcrafts and Art

Here are some of the delightful things you will find (and some of my other favorites):

Thank you Kendra for the awesome giveaway!!!!


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