Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My DIY Ornament Wreath

So as most of you who know me...know I am not the creative type.
Seriously! I'm not! Okay except for when it comes to hair pretties for little girls.
If it is a flower or a bow - I'm good. Anything else. Foooorgetaboutit!

Well, I saw this adorable little wreath over at my friend Karla's blog
and had to give it a woah!

You must follow her instructions and make sure you do THREE major things!
*Glue the tops to the ornaments before you begin.
*Use the thinnest wire coat hanger you can find.
*Make sure you have LOTS of ornaments if you want a full - large wreath.

Here is how ours turned out!!!

NO LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Karla is totally Mrs. Martha, I'm only a wannabe!

Now go try it yourself! And have fun!


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