Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How can you RESIST.........?

How can you resist a precious baby, and a fantastic photographer? Oh and yea maybe add a few props like a beautiful basket with a yummy ubber soft looking chocolate brown blanket and pink hair bow, and BAM!
Tonight when Melinda Ann sent me these pictures my heart just melted!!! I have once again met another fantastic photographer who is trading me props for photos to use on my ETSY site!!
Melinda does beautiful work, and even has a "little peanut" of her own, who I get to have some pictures of soon too!!
I love the fact that Melinda was right on getting me pictures! I have recently had bad luck with getting anyone to follow through once I sent props out. I told Melinda she is "A TOTAL KEEPER"!!!!!! Eeeekkk - so exciting I tell you.

This little baby in these photos is baby Ella! Isn't she a doll?!? When I opened up the pictures tonight, my husband Tom was standing behind me, and we both, just "ooo'd and awww'd"!
I told him I want another baby! LOL. Oh yeah and if I have another baby, I want to fly to Melinda to have her photograph him/or her!

Check out Melinda Ann's website here~!

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