Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prayers for Baby Layla Grace!!!!!!!

I have recently had the chance to learn about a very special little girl. Her name is Layla, she is 17 months old, and was just diagnosed with cancer!

After reading about her - I just broke down in tears! My heart aches for this family and for baby Layla! Being a mother of a 14 month old and 7 year old - I could not imagine having to EVER go through something like this. I just don't understand why innocent children have to deal with this!

This little girl is just adorable - she is the cutest thing ever! I have prayed for her and hope to spread the word about little Layla - in hopes of more prayers for this baby and her family!!!!

Here is a link: Please Keep Layla In Your Prayers (which has other links to where you can follow the updates on Layla!)

God Bless this sweet child - protect her - heal her - keep her safe!!!!!!


  1. Reading this made me realize my problems right now aren't as bad as what this family must be going through. I will definitely keep Layla and her family in my prayers


  2. Thank you Donna!!!! It is very much appreciate!